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  • 1. In Bangkok, we can deliver your growth hormone order within 3 hours and payment in cash, to other cities in Thailand for example Phuket delivery takes 12-24 hours
    2. We guarantee the safe international delivery to Australia, the passage of customs, the growth hormone is delivered in protective thermo-packaging to the door of your house or we will refund the money to you

  • I have 2 questions
    1/ I am looking to buy HGH when i come to thailand and am wondering if it is possible to organize to pick up there, when i come over ???? i read review that guy order at chemist and pay cash and had within 8 hrs,
    2/ I am sceptical if order on line weather it will not be seized buy costumes in Australia as well as the integrity of the product due to it fragile state .

  • merci les gars, j'ai des réponses à toutes mes questions

  • Reçu ma commande le Janvier 15th, très satisfait de votre livraison internationale.


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